Our policies, procedures and forms
Our strategy, policies and procedures

Forms for use by Apprentices

Gateway forms for each apprenticeship, to be completed by Employers and Apprentices prior to the start of EPA.  Available to Assessors and Training Providers only.

Please use this area to store details of your qualifications, experience and CPD.  This area will also be used to store details of Peer Reviews and your Register of Interests.  Available to Assessors and Internal Verifiers only.

Each year the Advance Assessments board of directors will develop a register of business risks to be presented for review at the annual General Practice Meeting and further at the annual Governing Board Meeting.  The register will prioritise risks and describe mitigating actions to be taken by the company executive.

Protocols that describe how Assessors, Internal Verifiers and the Assessment Manager should complete specific EPAs.

Use this area to store EQA reports and Qualification and Assessment Review Minutes and Action Plans.  Also store details of General Practice Review Meetings and Extraordinary General Practice Review Meetings here.  Available to Assessors and Internal Verifiers only.